New Minerals and Mineralogy

in the 21st Century
International scientific symposium Jáchymov 2016
3. – 5. September 2016

On September 3 (Saturday) there will be Welcome party at the conference room of the Spa hotel Běhounek. Scientific program will take place through Sunday and Monday (September 4–5) at hotel Běhounek. On Sunday late afternoon there will be a visit to Jáchymov Museum, former “Royal Mint”, with mineralogical and historical collections, coupled with a small refreshment and beer party. On September 5 conference dinner will take place at Radium Palace Hotel during evening hours. During September 6 and 7 field-trips to Jáchymov (underground of the Svornost mine with radon springs; outcrops of the deposit and dumps) and Horní Slavkov (greisen localities, middle-ages tin-mining) will proceed. (more detailed information coming during spring 2016 ).