New Minerals and Mineralogy

in the 21st Century
International scientific symposium Jáchymov 2016
3. – 5. September 2016


In 2016 town of Jáchymov celebrates 500 years after foundation. Over the years this small city experienced rather diverse events such as silver and uranium rush, discovery of radium, political prisoners in communistic concentration camps and hosted personalities of the world-fame. Amongst others, Georgius Agricola, Johannes Mathesius, Ignaz Adolf Ritter von Born, Abraham Gottlob Werner, Josef Florian Vogl, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Otto Hahn, František Běhounek, Jan Hloušek, were tightly connected with Jáchymov.

The inspiring environment of the small mining-town in Erzgebirge will provide a perfect rear for the international mineralogical symposium Jáchymov2016, which aims to invite to Jáchymov prominent and world-leading scientist as well as undergraduate or graduate students of Earth Sciences, who are interested in mineralogy, crystallography and actinide science.