New Minerals and Mineralogy

in the 21st Century
International scientific symposium Jáchymov 2016
3. – 5. September 2016

Two days lasting field trips (FT1 and FT2) will follow the conference (September 6-7, 2016).

FT 1 (September 6), the Svornost mine

Underground tour to the famous Svornost mine, visit of the deepest level of the mine with radioactive (radon) springs. The guided tour will continue in the vicinity of the Svornost mine – dumps and related mining objects. The number for attendant of underground guided tour will have to be restricted due to limits of the mining machine. The underground field trip is demanding both psychic and physic, therefore we do not recommend it e.g., for those who suffers dizziness or claustrophobia.

Guided by: Viktor Goliáš, Pavel Škácha, Jakub Plášil

FT 2 (September 7), outcrops and dumps of the Jáchymov ore deposit

Guided tour around the most important relics of the mining activities, since early modern-age silver mining until 20th century mining for U-ores. We will visit the dumps of the famous Geister vein, dumps of the Rovnost mine and old dumps around Schweizer vein and Elias valley as well. The field trip will take place outdoors in mountains, mostly on dumps in forests. Therefore, the good hiking boots and waterproof/windproof jacket are recommended. The late-lunch will be served during the tour.

Guided by: Jakub Plášil, Pavel Škácha, Viktor Goliáš